Comparing and Contrasting Skiing and Snowboarding

When and Why Did People Ski?

Some folks say skiing has been around 5000 years. Ancient Viking skis have been unearthed in Scandinavia and skiing is a part of every snowy culture. This is not surprising, as skiing evolved out of necessity: skis are an efficient means of transportation in the snow. Snowboarding, on the other hand, developed for different reasons altogether.

How Old is the Snowboard?

Snowboarding was born only a few decades ago, in the 1960’s. As opposed to skiing, the first snowboard was built for children, as a toy. Snowboarding is a strictly recreational activity and will soon surpass skiing in popularity. Once stigmatized as a sport for renegades, snowboarding is now a widely accepted activity undertaken by young and old alike.

Transitioning to Snowboarding from Skis

Even die-hard skiers find that snowboarding has something different to offer them, and switching over is not difficult. There are many snowboarding products that cater to crossover skiers. Stiff boots and skinny boards have been designed to ease skiers into snowboarding with comforting familiarity.

Banned to Loved in a Few Decades

Only a few decades ago snowboarding was banned at the majority of ski resorts. Today, ski resorts not only allow snowboarding, but encourage and cater to snowboarders. Snowboarding has attracted many daring sportsman such as skateboarders and surfers who would otherwise steer clear of the snow.

Whereas skiing is a worldwide and ageless phenomenon, snowboarding began as a part of a limited counter-culture. As snowboarding grows in popularity, the associated stigma shrinks and the animosity between skiers and snowboarders is quickly dissolving.

Complementary Forms of Fun

Not to say that the skier and the snowboarder hold hands while cutting down the slopes, just that skiing and snowboarding both have something to offer every snow-lover. While you will never see a set of skis in a half-pipe, you cannot take a snowboard over long distances. There is no reason you cannot consider yourself both a skier and a snowboarder and enjoy the best of both worlds.