The Best Snowboarding Equipment

Renting vs Buying

Snowboarding equipment is readily available for purchase or rental at any resort. If you are snowboarding for the first time, or are an infrequent snowboarder, renting is always an option. If you have picked up snowboarding as a lifelong hobby; it may be time to invest in your own equipment.

Snowboard Savings

Snowboarding equipment may be pricey, but can be used year after year and will save the frequent boarder a lot of money in rentals. With your own equipment, you will be free to take a weekend whenever you want and worry only about the cost of a lift ticket. When purchasing your equipment, you will want to look into buying a snowboard, snowboarding boots, a jacket, snowboarding pants, goggles, and a helmet.

Depending on how long you have been boarding, you may have preferences as to the type of board you want. Boards can be personalized for your weight, size and style but the more subtle differences may be unnoticable to amateur snowboarders. In most cases, buying a used board is a perfectly adequate alternative to a new or custom-made board.

The Gear

Finding the right snowboarding boots is exceptionally important. This may be an area in which you want to spend the extra time and money to find the right fit. Look for boots that are snug but allow a little movement in the ankle. Boots that do not fit correctly can result in injury so if buying a used pair be sure to check that the fit is no less than perfect.

When buying a helmet, it is best to buy one that has not been used. Hairline cracks in the helmet make it un-safe, and there is no guarantee as to the integrity of a used helmet. As far as snow clothing and accessories go, these can be purchased secondhand safely and easily.

Remember that most of your equipment purchases are one-time buys. As long as everything fits and is safe you should be able to stick to a reasonable budget and still have fun on the slopes for years to come.