Perfect Snowboarding Vacations

Obviously, you want to take a snowboarding vacation this winter. While deciding whether or not to take the trip is the easy part, finding the right time and place for your snowboarding vacation is going to take a little bit of research.

When to Go Snowboarding

When picking a weekend for your next snowboarding trip, consider the following: the Christmas Holiday and President’s Day weekend in February are the most popular snowboarding weekends of the year. You may not have a choice but to go snowboarding during these weekends but be prepared for crowded slopes high rates.

If you are out for value, consider taking your snowboarding vacation in early December, late January and March. Often, resorts will offer deals during the week, as weekdays are less popular than weekends.

Where to Go Snowboarding

When determining where to take your snowboarding vacation, consider your ability, financial situation and where you live. If you willing to travel out of the way, you may want to consider some of the more isolated mountain resorts such as Telluride in Colorado, Big Sky Montana, or Sun Valley Idaho.

If you are willing to travel (chances are you do not live there) Utah and Montana have some of the country’s best ski resorts and the most un-touched snow. Look at the mountain guides for each of the resorts you are considering to make sure there are an adequate number of runs that fit your ability. Certain resorts cater to certain ability levels, know what you can do and find the resort that has the most to offer you.

If you are on the East Coast, you may find that Vermont is a close drive, but reasonably far away from the New York Weekend Warriors, making it an ideal spot for a short snowboarding vacation. Whatever your location and needs, you will find a way to hit the slopes this winter; make it worthwhile.