Review of the Best Colorado Ski Resorts

Colorado Background

Colorado’s high elevation and dry atmosphere make its powder some of the lightest and driest in the country. For those who long for that fluffy white snow that seams to have a short fall from the heavens, Colorado may be the place for your next snowboarding vacation.

Ski Aspen

In addition to great snow, Colorado has some of the cutest and coziest resort towns this side of the Alps. A longtime destination of the rich and famous, towns like Aspen offer everything a snowboarder could want from a resort town, from artisan crafted boards themselves, to comedy shows to a wide variety of local breweries.

Though Aspen is the most widely recognized Colorado resort, options for your Colorado snowboarding vacation are virtually endless. Colorado has 26 official ski resorts, enough for a lifetime of snowboarding vacations.

Vail Valley

The majority of Colorado’s ski resorts are located in or around the Vail Valley. Vail ski resort is one of the largest ski resorts in the country, with one of the most advanced lift systems. With a huge variety of runs, and a good program for kids, Vail is one of the most versatile options for your Colorado snowboarding vacation.

Also located in the Vail Valley you will find Beaver Creek. The snowboarding here is catered to the novice, and the lodgings are slightly more upscale. The slopes are less crowded but the rates are higher. Of course, the snow is still unbeatable and the terrain: gorgeous.


Telluride resort is located in the Southwestern part of Colorado. Its distance from Aspen and the Vail Valley mean that it is less crowded than most Colorado resorts. Telluride offers a quiet alternative to the more popular resort towns but can be a long and arduous drive from Colorado’s major towns and cities.

Whatever your snowboarding vacation desires, Colorado has something to offer. Even your non-boarding friends will find something to do in Colorado and for the snowboarder there are endless options for endless fun.