Review of the Best Utah Ski Resorts

Background on Utah

Utah is home to the many descendants of Brigham Young, a large memorial to Seagulls, and the Northern Rockies. Utah has the most yearly snowfall in the country, and boasts one of the world’s oldest ski lifts. All of these factors mean that Utah snowboarding vacations can satisfy all of your snowboarding desires and more…depending on how you feel about seagulls.

Since the 2002 Winter Olympics, Utah’s ski resorts have become considerably more popular. It is a result of the Olympics that transportation to and from Utah’s resorts, lodging and snowboarding resources in general have improved over the last several years.

Alta Ski Resort

One of Utah’s more famous ski resorts is called “Alta” and located in “Little Cottonwood Canyon”. Alta is known for its steep runs and deep snow. Alta averages 200 inches of snow per season, and has snow almost year-round. While its highest peak is a mere 2,200 ft., the dramatic cliffs and basins at Alta make it one of the most beautiful destinations for a Utah snowboarding vacation.

Ski Brighton

Brighton Ski resort, located in “Big Cottonwood Canyon” calls itself “The place where Salt Lake City Learns to Ski and Ride”. Catering to families and beginners, Brighton is an excellent place to start snowboarding or to take the kids for a fun family weekend.

Other Utah Scenery

While in Utah, travel East to the back side of the Wasatch Mountains to find Park City resort, Deer Valley Resort, the Canyons, Sundance (yes, this is where they hold the film festival). Deer Valley is home to the famous Flagstaff Mountain and Bald Mountain and has something to offer beginners and novices alike.

If snowy slopes and beautiful scenery are what you are after, Utah might be just the place to take your next vacation.