Buying a Great Snowboarding Jacket

Focus on the Fun

While not as crucial and obvious as the board itself, snowboarding does require some specific – and important – apparel. The right snowboarding jacket can make or break your snowboarding weekend. While snowboarding, you will encounter wind, rain and, of course, snow. A good jacket will allow you to ignore the elements and focus on the fun part.

The best snowboarding jacket will be waterproof and wind resistant. You will find that, especially in the beginning, you spend a lot of time sitting, kneeling or lying in the snow. While you want your jacket to be roomy enough to give you freedom of movement, you also want it to be secured tightly around your waste so that it does not let loose snow in.

Some jackets have special sweat-absorbing synthetic lining that will keep you cool and dry when you are boarding at your hardest. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, you may want to look into one of these modern space-jackets to increase your comfort.

Sizing Requirements

You will want to buy your jacket in a larger size than your other clothing, as you need to allow for the many layers of clothing worn underneath it. If possible, wear your layers to the store when shopping for your jacket to find the perfect fit.

Jackets made specifically for snowboarding often allow room for underclothes and have certain other helpful features. Waterproof ventilation will keep sweat from collecting in your jacket and zipper-sealed pockets keep your valuables dry.

Popular Jacket Brands

686, Bonfire, Burton, DC, Helly Hansen and Oakley are popular snowboarding jacket brands.

Jacket Styles

Of course, your last consideration will be style. Snowboarders, who tend to be young, design many of the best snowboarding jackets. Snowboarding jackets can be stylish even off of the slopes, and can be your year-round jacket. A dry, well-fitted and stylish snowboarding jacket will be one of the most versatile and useful items in your closet, so choose wisely.