The Keys to Finding a Killer Snowboards

So, you have been snowboarding a few times and decided that it is time you had your own board. Buying the best snowboard does not have to be daunting. In many cases, your snowboard is the best snowboard simply because it is yours. Of course, if you have a choice, knowing a little bit about what you are doing cannot hurt.

Types of Boards

There are actually several different styles of snowboards for different styles of snowboarders. Professional snowboarders have their boards custom made for their particular style. Chances are you are not sponsored by a major snowboarding company and will have to select a pre-made board. Not to worry, there are still plenty of options out there for the amateur.

The three main types of snowboards are: freestyle boards, Alpine racing boards and free-riding boards. Freestyle boards are wide and flexible and good for half-pipes and jumps. Alpine racing boards are stiffer than other boards and are best for high speeds. Free-riding boards are a combination of freestyle and Alpine boards, which allows you to pick and choose your activities.

Board Size

The size of your snowboard is important. Your height, weight and snowboarding style all work themselves into a formula, which will help you to find the right length of snowboard. Snowboards usually range in length from 130 to 175 centimeters. There are snowboards built just for women, though most boards are technically unisex.

Kick & Side-Cut

You will notice two design features that vary on different snowboards: the kick and the side-cut. The kick is the curve at either end of the snowboard, which helps to decrease resistance based on the board’s intended use. The side cut is the curve cut into the longer edges of the board, giving it an hourglass shape. These features affect the turning radius and potential speed of the board, which can affect your riding style.

Popular Snowboard Brands

Burton, K2, Lamar and Salomon are popular snowboard manufacturers. There are hundreds of companies that design boards. The level of scrutiny you put into the design of your snowboard is based upon your own style and experience. If someone gives you their old snowboard, by all means, take it! If you are shopping for a board anyway, you might as well find the best one for your money as it may turn out to be one of your most prized possessions.