Review of the Most Popular Snowboarding Pants

The best snowboarding pants will let you forget that you are in the snow at all. Snowboarding without the right pants can turn a fun day into a miserable disaster. Snowboarding pants are waterproof and wind proof and are worn over other pants in order to keep the snow out so that you can ride all day.

Snowboarding Pants vs Ski Pants

Remember those padded ski-overalls from the eighties? You probably had a pair and, while you can wear those snowboarding, they may not be your best option. Ski pants are made for skiing, and do not allow the range of movement that snowboarding pants do. Snowboarding pants tend to be more flexible and less padded than ski pants and may require more additional layers.

Snow in the Socks = :(

When looking for the best snowboarding pants, the most important factor is water-resistance. Keeping the snow off of your bare legs is your first priority; do not lose sight of that. Make sure that your pants have Velcro or some other fastener around the ankles. Snow that sneaks through the bottom of your pants and into your socks will quickly become the bane of your weekend.

Buy Pants a Few Sizes Big

Buy your snowboarding pants bigger than you would your everyday pants. Consider the layers that you will be wearing under your pants: most likely at least two, and allow adequate room. If possible, wear your layers to the sporting goods store when shopping for your snowboarding pants to make sure they fit.

Popular Snowboard Pant Brands

Bonfire, Burton, Columbia, DC, and Roxy are the most popular manufacturers of men's, women's and children snowboarding pants.

You can count on most snowboarding companies to make pants which are adequate for your needs. Wherever you can find a snowboard, you can find some good snowboarding pants. Snowboarding pants are designed by snowboarders, and include features and accessories that you do not even know that you want (like adjustable venting, cargo pockets, fully taped seems, and special pockets for your lift tickets and ID cards). The best snowboarding pants will keep you warm and dry on the inside and cool on the outside.