Finding the Coolest Snowboard Information

Enjoying the Snow Away From the Slopes

If you are looking to learn how to snowboard, you are best off diving right in to the snow. But if they kill the night-ski lights and you’re sitting back at the lodge, wondering what to do, then snowboarding videos and magazines are a great way to get by until the first rays of the early morning sun peak out over the alpine summit.

If you’ve already begun to snowboard, or are looking to start but have not hit the snow yet, a video or magazine may provide some helpful tips and keep you up to date with the latest snowboarding tricks.

The Best Snowboarding Videos and Magazines?

There are hundreds of snowboarding magazines and videos to choose from. It really depends on what you’re into. Most snowboarding magazines, like many sports magazines, consist mainly of photographs and advertisements for snowboarding products. If you are looking to a magazine for tips on snowboarding itself, you may have to dig through some indexes for specific articles. Often, library databases allow you to search through back issues of magazines for relevant articles. That’s for the snowboarding nerd.

The kickback snowboarder wants to watch a video. Most snowboard videos are meant for entertainment or as an advertising mechanism more than for instruction. Snowboarding videos, both amateur and professional, may feature famous snowboarders in the midst of outstanding feats.

You can check out free snowboarding videos on YouTube. Google Video offers free and paid snowboarding videos.

Both also make it easy to integrate snowboarding videos into your website. Likeso...

Google Video

by the way that cool Télépopmusik song in that Google Video is named Breathe


Snowboarding On the Web

It’s fun to find snowboarding videos online. Some avid web snowboarders have watched all of these videos, and will tell you whether or not they are worth your time. If you want to find the best tips for snowboarding in videos and magazines, you’ll be happy to find that someone else has already done most of the footwork.

If you have a favorite snowboarder, check to see if they have made their own instructive video, or written a feature for a magazine. It is also possible that your favorite snowboarding magazine has put out its own video. There are hundreds of potentially instructive snowboarding videos and magazines out there so, if you want to brush up on your skills while you can’t be on the slopes, you’ve got plenty of material to flip through.