What Beer Goes Perfect With Snowboarding?

What to do after a long, exhausting day of boarding? Drink beer, of course. Round out the fun of your snowboarding weekend by sampling beers from the local breweries. Cold, mountainous towns are good for more than their snow, but their beer as well.

Invariably, any ski resort town will have a number of its own microbreweries. When snowboarding, get a taste for the town at a local pub. The coldest cities are always the biggest beer drinking cities, so these breweries should be easy to come by.

Vermont Breweries

If boarding in Vermont, check out Long Trail Brewing Company, Magic Hat Brewing Company, Otter Creek or Trout River Brewing Companies. If boarding at Stratton Mountain, check out the Bear Bottom pub. Vermont is host to an annual home brewing festival and has so many breweries; you may want to arrange a tour of those local to your resort.

Utah Breweries

If you are boarding in Utah, you may have a harder time finding some good brew. Utah’s State laws are hard on the beer drinker. Only State-run liquor stores may sell liquor, wine and beer with an alcohol content over 3.5% all at very high prices. There is an exception for breweries with beer brewed on the premises. If in Salt Lake City, visit the Utah Brewing Company for an award-winning Cutthroat Ale.

Colorado Breweries

You will find you have an easy time finding quality microbrew when snowboarding in Colorado. Colorado breweries offer a number of dark, quality beers that can often be purchased to go in glass gallon jugs. Do not bring your jugs to the slopes, though, you might just drop it off of the lift and cut your trip short.

Remember, you beer-loving snowboarder you, to keep it safe and healthy on the slopes. Keep hydrated while boarding and do not do anything stupid. Snowboarding can be dangerous and there are always kids around in the public resorts. Save the drinking for after snowboarding and make your vacation twice as much fun.