The Lowdown on Buying Snowboarding Goggles

Clear Vision is a Key to Snowboarding Safety

Goggles serve many purposes when snowboarding, and finding the best snowboarding goggles will keep you from ending up wrapped around a tree mid-slope. Goggles mean better visibility and protection for your eyes, in the long and the short run. Goggles may seem like a minor accessory, but they may be one of your most important pieces of apparel this winter.

Ultraviolet Radiation

You may not associate snow and sunglasses, but Ultraviolet protection for your eyes is crucial when in the snow. As the snow is white, and all around you, it is highly reflective. The sun’s rays bounce off of the snow and can be very intense. Your un-protected eyes and skin can suffer a lot of sun-damage while snowboarding.

Tinted snow goggles protect your eyes from dangerous Ultraviolet rays and make it easier to see. When shopping for the best snowboarding goggles, make sure they are adequately tinted and have Ultraviolet protection.

Mountain Winds

Snowboarding goggles also serve to protect your eyes from the wind. Mountainous climates, in which you will most likely be snowboarding, often have high winds. The wind can dry out your eyes or blow debris into your eyes making it painful and difficult to see. Goggles protect your eyes from these elements, as well as falling snow, so that you can snowboard without going blind.

Goggle Size and Fitting Information

Most snowboarding goggles are adjustable and come in just one size. When sizing your goggles, make sure they fit snugly around your face and do not compress your nose. The eye-covers should suction around your eyes, creating an airtight seal. Beware of sticky rubber bands that will pull out your hair, as this can be uncomfortable.

Finding the best snowboarding goggles for you should not be hard. Snowboarding goggles and ski goggles are one in the same. Some Goggles, like Arnette Ruler Snowboard Goggles are designed to be easy to use with snowboarding helmets. If you are using a helmet make sure your new Goggles fit well with your helmet prior to buying them.

Top Goggle Brands

Bolle, Dragon, Giro, Iris, Oakley, Smith, Spy and Zeal are the most popular goggle manufacturers. Snowboarding goggles are typically priced anywhere from $30 to $120. Kari Egan's 2002 article reviewing top snowboarding goggles is still relevant today.

Don't Forget Sunblock!

Remember that your skin needs to be protected from the sun as well as your eyes and wearing sun block will help to prevent the “raccoon-eyes” tan line that often comes with a weekend in the snow. Remember that your long-term health and safety are your most important considerations. Wear your goggles and board for life.